Hunter Heflin – Love Levers

Hunter Heflin – Love Levers

The special element of music that gives it replay value is the feeling you get when you hear it. A good record always deserves a fair listen, but a record that you hear that is enjoyable to the point, you just get lost in the vibes, are the records that you keep in rotation for a lifetime.  Hunter Heflin does everything right to make one of those records on the new song “Love Levers”.

Hunter Heflin brings his major talent to the forefront to make a smash of a record on the new song “Love Levers”. The reasons to love this record are truly infinite, as each moving part plays it’s role to the fullest. The commercial appeal in the production melts you right away, with beautiful grooves setting the tone for this major listen. The vocals brings a magic touch vocally with each melody having that touch of soul to it, that makes the lyrics more real for us all to consume on this record, you can feel in every way.

Hunter Heflin’s “Love Levers” is that supreme level of music that keeps us fans of music. They truly showcase the art of music, as well as the soul it can have to make something beyond words. It defies the subjectivity of music, to make a record that anyone who loves great music can hit play on, with a supreme sound that cant be denied.

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