Martina Skat – Your Love is Fire

Martina Skat – Your Love is Fire

Everyone comes to music for different things. It being truly a subjective art that comes down to ones preference or mood, the reasons you go to a record is limitless. As much as we all have our own personal thing with music, theres no denying that we all more times than not come to music to feel good. To feel that infectious energy in the sounds that make you enjoy life that much more due to its presence. That type of music is what you get from Martina Skat on her new song “Your Love is Fire”.

Martina Skat brings a brilliant funky sound to life that does wonders to the soul on the new song “Your Love is Fire”. The music shines in every way with a fresh approach to a classic Disco/ Funk infused sound that makes you enjoy every groove that sets the tone in a major way to make you get lost in the music. While you explore the sound you hear Martina’s incredible vocals that shine in the soul of it, with a vocal tone that is reminiscent of Teena Marie, as she makes this record her own for every second while delivering the fun in the writing to the fullest.

Martina Skat’s “Your Love is Fire” is a must hear jam from a must hear artist that will keep you dancing the night away. The sing excels musically in every way with every part being done to a supreme level, but the feeling of the music and they way you are able to enjoy the song, just as much as you can tell she had making it, is what will make you keep this in your daily rotation for time to come.

Check out Martina Skat “Your Love is Fire” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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