Wes Linden – Middle of it All

Wes Linden – Middle of it All

Something that is always exciting to hear is an artist who is fearless in their approach. Having such a strong presence to them, as well as daring energy to them that makes you buy into them, as you hear their desire to be something great shine through in the music in a major way. Everyone artist doesn’t have that feel but when they do its something to truly marvel at and thats what Wes Linden brings with his new song “Middle of it All”.

Wes Linden holds nothing back to put the culture on notice of his must hear talent on the new song “Middle of it All”. The sound is strong with knocking 808’s that make it engaging to follow, and when he steps into the track he fires off at will with impressive lyricism that stands out in every bar he delivers with masterful precision. For the supreme lyricism it all gets delivered with a hard flow that packs bravado as well as conviction to make sure we feel the music just as much as we enjoy on this song that doesn’t miss.

Wes Linden’s “Middle of it All” is a supreme body of work that cant be denied in any way. Everything about this release is quality and the music speaks for itself, with each aspect of the song sounding just as good as the next to make sure we keep vibing to this outstanding body of work for time to come.

Check out Wes Linden “Middle of it All” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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