In a world that feels like its moving faster by the day, theres always a record that can slow down time for us. Those records that feel good to hear as the elements work together in perfect harmony to make something enjoyable for us to hear, to the point we leave are worries behind and just take a moment to slow down and take it all in. That special display of music is what you get from Olivia on the new song “NO PERMISSION”.

The ultimate vibe of a record is what you get from Olivia on the new song “NO PERMISSION”. The super chill club vibe to the music does wonders to the spirit, with each groove feeling as good as the next to setting the perfect tone for the vision she brings to fruition. For this special sound you get an incredible vocal performance that delivers in every way, being masterful in every note to bring the writing to life just right to make you fall in love with this record for every second.

If you’re looking for a fresh sound from a major talent Olivia’s “NO PERMISSION” gets the job done every way. The music vibes to the fullest and lets you just be a fan of the music, with the magic as well as beauty of it all being on full bloom to make us keep this record in rotation for time to come.

Check out Olivia “NO PERMISSION” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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