Artist Spotlight: Robin Bermann

Artist Spotlight: Robin Bermann

The art that is music is at its best when you hear the creativity in it. When a musician uses their tools just as well as an artist with a brush, to paint a picture with sounds to make something that grabs us in, and allows our mind to receive the vision brought to life. As much as music can be trendy and you can hear music that sounds so much like the next, its always the daring creativity in the music that makes an artist stand out, and Robin Bermann does just with his new project “Lunar Dreams”.

A 13 song project that gives 58 minutes of exciting music on every record. It excels at bringing a full sound to the listener, with the layers to music coming together perfectly to take the listener on a journey that is fun to explore. You hear the the big time classic Rock feel in the music, as well as the synth touch to the music that gives it, its lights on records like the title track “Lunar Dreams” that sounds like a new frontier, or a record like “2015” that has a touch of Funk to it to make it jam to the fullest, as he shows off his major range to make incredible music.

Robin Bermann’s “Lunar Dreams” is an instrumental masterpiece full of replay value that is fun to explore. The many intricacies in the music is one of its greatest assets and makes you eager to hear more, with you being able to find new reasons to enjoy the music with each listen, to show how refreshing it is to hear an artist being daring in their approach, to show us all the power of innovation that keeps us all excited for new music.

Check out Robin Bermann “Lunar Dreams” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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