Phenomeinal – War Games

Phenomeinal – War Games

Happy Monday!!Hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday weekend and ready to. start off the say strong. To start off the week we always bring those releases that we deem as must hear due to the special quality of it. With music that special thing can be wide ranging based on preference, but some songs just have that special sauce to them that makes you a believer in the music and the person behind in it. That type of feel is what you get from Phenomeinal on his new song “War Games”.

Phenomeinal has commanding presence that takes over the game on his new song “War Games”. The hard haunting feel to the music grabs you right away, as it sets the ultimate tone with hard 808’s knocking out your speakers to keep us engaged to the work that takes place. With the tone set Phenomeinal brings vicious rhyming that is chilling and delivers it all with a raw flow filled with conviction to make sure each line has the right amount of life to make the listener stop to bare witness to it all.

Phenomeinal’s “War Games” is must hear Hip Hop from a must hear artist who doesnt slack in any way to give the listener something supreme. It’s ability to paint a picture for the listener, as well as give them something they can feel makes it stand above the rest with a realism in its approach that cant be faked to make sure this record stays in rotation and last the times for us all to be fans.

Check out Phenomeinal “War Games” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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