JZIDOR – The Lowest Point of Love

JZIDOR – The Lowest Point of Love

The more music that comes out, also opens up more genres for people to explore, with each style and sound making its own place with us all. With all the changes that comes with music, there are some things that will forever be timeless and R&B music is one of those things. Being one of the earliest forms of music that resonates due to the soul and vulnerability put into it, that makes it connects to people on a spiritual level. JZIDOR is able to tap into that and bring something real for us all to feel on his new song “The Lowest Point of Love”.

JZIDOR puts strong vocals together with a creative R&B sound to make something just hear on the new song “The Lowest Point of Love”. The music has a smoothness that works wonders in setting a tone, with a vibe that you cant deny to make you get invested early. JZIDOR being a wiz with the vocals takes full advantage of the tone set, to let his vocals and harmonies work wonders to bring the relatable substance to life, to make embody everything it is to not only make a stand out R&B record, but just great music that embodies his high level of artistry just right.

JZIDOR’s “The Lowest Point of Love” is a supreme jam that you can connect to in every way to make sure you keep coming back for more. The music is real because you feel it as such, with him laying it all on the line with the daring transparency in the writing, and strong vocals giving its all to the listener to make an experience of music that you can relate on this timeless body of work.

Check out JZIDOR “The Lowest Point of Love” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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