TUITION – window

TUITION – window

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to bring in the holiday weekend just right. To kick off the weekends its always a major point for us to bring the best music we can find, to set the right tone for us all. Bringing releases that we feel our must hear in every way , that any fan of music can hear the magic in the sound. Finding music that is undeniable is never easy but TUITION makes it easy for us with the new song “window”.

TUITION brings a super smooth dreamy sound that feels good to for every second on the new song “window”. This record wastes little time setting tone, with the beauty in the approach shining through majorly as soon as you hit play. The music has a fresh sound that feels like walking on clouds, and the vocals are mesmerizing to leave the listener stuck in their seat, as the writing comes to life right before our eyes to make us fans of it all in a real way.

TUITION’s “window” is a song that does everything right to make fans of us all. The musicianship is on full bloom with every intricacy in the music doing its part to make one stellar sound, but the feeling of the music is what makes it stand supreme, with a song that feels so good you cant help but to keep coming back to hear more.

Check out TUITION “window” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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