Alex & The Alpaca – Do Not Disturb

Alex & The Alpaca – Do Not Disturb

Every artist out there is looking for their hook and way to stick with people. The approach to this can have many different solutions, but one way that cant be beat is to make a sound that just feels good to hear. Those records that embody the freshness that comes with new music that breathes new life to use all, as we get something thats engaging and makes us want to keep coming back for more. That special sound is what you get from Alex & The Alpaca on the new song “Do Not Disturb”.

Alex & The Alpaca continues to marvel and impress us in every way on his new song “Do Not Disturb”. The music is able to capture a retro electro and disco infused sound to make fans of us all, as the bright lights to the music, matched with an infectious grooves make us want to dance for every second. For the incredible sound you get a vocal performance that is perfect for it all, with a smooth approach that brings the fun writing to life to make sure we get the full scope of artistry to the fullest.

Alex & The Alpaca’s “Do Not Disturb” is everything that makes you want to get invested in artist as well as their song. The music is enjoyable for many reasons with the quality of it standing supreme, but the fun you have while hearing it is what will make you keep it on repeat, with an entertaining experience being given to the world to make the music scene that much better to be apart of.

Check out Alex & The Alpaca “Do Not Disturb” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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