Rish Rai – My Breed

Rish Rai – My Breed

A record that will always stand out is a record that truly gives you everything. From impressive lyricism that has great depth to it, matched with a strong sound in the production that makes it engaging, and a presence to the flow, to make it stand out above the rest. Those are records that go the furthest because it s music you can feel no matter the climate, and Rish Rai brings one of those records with his new song “My Breed”.

Rish Rai rhymes like a quiet storm to deliver a stand out masterpiece on his new song “My Breed”. His presence is something that cant be denied, with a calm yet commanding energy in his approach that makes you feel the conviction in the rhyming that comes to life. As he rips through this production that sets the ultimate tone with soul to the sound to match the writing you are able to catch the intricacies in his lyrics, that pack substance that is needed in the culture now more than ever.

Rish Rai’s “My Breed” is a record that does everything to a supreme level to make it a timeless listen for Hip Hop lovers everywhere. It’s the perfect storm of artistry that truly resonates with heavy writing, being matched with a soulful touch to the music to make it connect majorly, as well as relatable for the masses to feel and enjoy.

Check out Rish Rai “My Breed” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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