Olivia Prado x Mikos Da Gawd – Best of You

Olivia Prado x Mikos Da Gawd – Best of You

When making music it’s important to make sure every piece fit. Those songs you hear each element working in perfect harmony, as they are cohesive in the most ultimate way to make one must hear sound. Those songs are always enjoyable as you hear each aspect of the music become one, and that is the case for the newest collaboration from Olivia Prado and Mikos Da Gawd on the new song “Best of You”.

Olivia Pardo brings her brilliant sweet vocals with Mikos Da Gawd’s amazing sound to make a record you cant help but get lost in on the new song “Best of You” The title is super fitting with a record that is truly some of the best. The production is laced in danceable grooves, and dreamy pads that set the right tone for the vision that comes to life. As you feel the grooves, the vocals melt you with every note, as the warm vocals bring the magic in the writing to the forefront to do wonders to the soul.

Olivia Pardo and Mikos Da Gawd “Best of You” is a record that one one listen will never be enough for. It’s a record that sounds good but feels even better, with it being music that shines in the soul of the music. When you hit play all of your worries go away, with a sweet sound that is packed with vibes that will keep you listening to this one of a kind sound for time to come.

Check out Olivia Prado and Mikos Da Gawd “Best of You” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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