Geno Five – NIGHTMARE!

Geno Five – NIGHTMARE!

When making music it’s important to be fearless. Being able to put yourself out there for the people, to take in your vision. That type of music is always respected and appreciated, especially when an artist can not only be daring but also be able to showcase a high amount of talent in the process. That’s what you get from Geno Five on the new song “NIGHTMARE!”.

Geno Five fights off his demons to make a supreme must hear record on the new song “NIGHTMARE!”. Geno is truly an artist who can do it all. He can rap with the best with his pen being the thing of legends, and can make tracks on any point of the spectrum but he’s at his best when he’s transparent in the music. Giving his life in the music that makes a real connection to the listener, that makes you want to be apart of the music, as he lyrically takes off to another level on a production that knocks to the fullest. 

Geno Five’s “NIGHTMARE!” is that music that you feel on a spiritual level. The production plays the perfect stage for the picture he brings to life in the super relatable lyrics that come together righteously with each passing second. The flow is as focused as ever and it makes everything that much realer on some of his finest work to date.

Check out Geno Five “NIGHTMARE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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