Penny Roox – What A Day

Penny Roox – What A Day

Now more than ever people are looking for music that goes beyond having a nice sound with nice words. People are looking for something real in every way, especially in their music to get them by. Artists have to be daring and bold enough to put themselves out there, to make people connect with not only the music, but the person behind the music as well. Penny Roox embodies that experience need to connect majorly on her new release “What A Day”.

Penny Roox brings a fresh emotive sound that you will be able to feel in every way on the new song “What A Day”. The music has a soft warm sound that makes you feel the many intricacies in the record, as the waves of emotion wash over you to make you take in the sound just right. As the music flows you get to take in the relatable substance to the writing, that takes on a relationship ending yet still feeling so connected to it all, in a stellar way and delivered to the fullest vocally with a masterful tone that brings the right amount of emotion to every word to make you feel it all that much more.

Penny Roox’s “What A Day” is a record that shines in its authenticity and runs wild in its creativity to make for an experience like no other. The approach is timeless due to the pure emotion in the sound, that makes you feel a soulful connection to the artist behind the music, to keep you invested and coming back for more, with everything feeling so right and so real to enjoy.

Check out Penny Roox “What A Day” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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