Saint Desmen – Just You

Saint Desmen – Just You

People come to music for many reasons, with one of the most common ones being to have a good time. Those records that you can hit play on and feel the energy of the music that brings a party to life for the listener, to have a great feeling that they can get lost in and will want to keep coming back for more. That danceable sound is what you get from Saint Desmen on the new record “Just You”.

Saint Desmen embodies the dance in EDM on his new jam “Just You”. As soon as you hit play you feel the bright lights put into the music, with a sound that makes you feel like you’re in a club getting lost in the vibes of the music that doest disappoint. For the major sound that builds to perfection you get the perfect vocals that deliver just right, to make sure every aspect of the music connects to make fans of us all, we get to enjoy this special sound in full bloom.

Saint Desmen’s “Just You” is a fun record that will make any party anywhere that much better to be. The records takes over the body and spirit with every second he gives and makes us want to never come back from this special world he creates in the music. If you’re looking for a record that will have you running to the dance floor, this one will surely get the job done for us all.

Check out Saint Desmen “Just You” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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