LOVETA – More Than Fun

LOVETA – More Than Fun

Life is something that is truly fun of ups and downs. Only thing constant is change, and music always shows us that. It always has the songs we need when we’re down that fit, that somber feeling we may be having, but it also can bring a sound that feels good to hear, as it’s the soundtrack to you enjoying life to the fullest. LOVETA brings the latter on her new jam “More Than Fun”.

LOVETA makes you feel on top of the world on her new song “More Than Fun”. The production has a fun disco sound that is layered to grooves and makes you want to move to the magic of the music, as LOVETA shows off her major vocals that makes you feel every word. As the music flows you feel every aspect of it, to make you want get lost in this world she creates in the music, and hope to never come back with the music feeling so good to hear you want it to play forever.

LOVETA’s “More Than Fun” is an outstanding body of work that does wonders to the spirit. It captures the beauty of music that makes people come together to enjoy the music, with the energy of the sound making it impossible not to feel it in your bones, and dance the night away to this record that is perfectly crafted to make fans of us all.

Check out LOVETA “More Than Fun” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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