Kelsey Coockson – Who We Are

Kelsey Coockson – Who We Are

One thing there is no denying is a big time record. A record that just screams appeal as you feel the energy of the music that just stands out behind the regular song you hear, as something truly great. As much as much is all about opinion, theres some songs that just make the decision for you to like it and Kelsey Coockson brings that music on the new song “Who We Are”.

Kelsey Coockson makes a record beyond words on the new song “Who We Are”. The level of musical genius given in this record, is beyond any description words can give, with a sound that leaves you speechless. The production brings an amazing big time Pop feel with a sound packed with bright lights that make you dream , as the vocals shine in their strong presence deliver the writing with so much power, to make you feel every single word to the fullest.

Kelsey Coockson “Who We Are” is a magnum opus level of music that you won’t be able to stop listening to. The energy and vibes of the record, is magical and makes life more enjoyable, with each passing second of the record, that is easily some of the best music you will hear ever.

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