K. B. – Tal Vez

K. B. – Tal Vez

Music will forever be a thing of preference. Something that no matter the quality or style you’re hearing, it all comes down to what the person’s taste is. As much as all of that is true its hard not to enjoy an artist who gives you everything. Hearing a style from an artist that is original and has so much variety to the sound, to the point its hard not to find something that you enjoy about the music. With an artist like K.B. he truly gives you a wide array of talent that shines to the fullest on his new song “Tal Vez”.

K.B. brings a hot record and an even hotter style just in time for the summer on his new song “Tal Vez”. The variety in the sound catches you instantly, with the Pop and Hip Hop appeal in the production setting the ultimate tone for the work he brings to life. Taking advantage of the sound he continues to genre bend with major flavor in the vocal performance that has a nice Latin and R&B cadence that lets the words flow through him, as he makes fans of us all with his must hear infectious style.

K.B.’s “Tal Vez” is an impressive record that embodies the remarkable talent that is out there present day. He’s able to take a little something great from everything we love as well as his influences, to make one sonically pleasing sound, that is digestibly enough for the masses to be able to enjoy alike. Hit play now and enjoy the fresh sound of K.B.

Check out K.B. “Tal Vez” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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