Bryce Lamar Featuring Elocin Cole – Before (Morillo Remix)

Bryce Lamar Featuring Elocin Cole – Before (Morillo Remix)

Music has rose to prominence for many different reasons but there’s no denying how much innovative songs helped the cause. Creative driven records have long breathed fresh life into the culture, as they are that special class of music that captures the listener’s imagination, and able to be exciting to explore. Bryce Lamar and Elocin Cole come together to make one of those new excting tunes on the new song “Before” remixed by Morillo.

Bryce Lamar and Elocin Cole come together with Morillo to make a brilliant collaboration that you will enjoy for every second on the new song “Before”. The vibes set in the production brings the ultimate vibes, as you feel the soulful energy from the music that resonates, and is a match made in heaven with the sultry dreamy vocals, that are warm in its tone to make you feel the love in the melodies, that comes to life right before our eyes to make for an experience like no other.

Bryce Lamar and Elocin Cole’s “Before (Morillo Remix)” is an incredible record that shows how powerful it is for music to have a special connection with the listener. The music captures everything that soul music is, with you being able to feel the music, to the point it takes you to a special place you can get lost in, with no thoughts if ever coming back. If you love good music you owe it to yourself to hit play on this must hear audio now.

Check out Bryce Lamar and Elocin Cole “Before (Morillo Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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