Garren – Proud

Garren – Proud

With certain artists you can expect quality with every release. Getting familiar with their artistry as well as their knack for making hits going hand to hand, as they give you a fresh reminder of why you’re a fan at every turn. As tough as it is present day some artist just always shine through from the pack and Garren is one of those artists, with the new song “Proud” being some of his best work to date.

Garren continues to shine to the fullest with his genre bending sound on the new song “Proud”. The smoothness to the music catches you right away with an R&B sound that also has Pop appeal, to make sure the world hears this must hear talents. As the music vibes Garren flexes all over with his incredible vocals that have a nice Hip Hop bravado in the approach, to make sure to have something for everyone as it comes together in its over divine way for the world to enjoy.

Garren’s “Proud” is a record that stands supreme in every way. Bringing undeniable flavor to the world that is infectious and impossible not to buy into. If you’re looking for music that is hot as the season, and will be the perfect anthem for your summer, this is definitely the record you want. dive into now!

Check out Garren “Proud” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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