Ron Mvtthew x PARK – XOXO (Remix by Ron Mvtthew)

Ron Mvtthew x PARK – XOXO (Remix by Ron Mvtthew)

Now more than ever the vibe of the music is what gets you about a record. Those records that you feel instantly before you even grab the full concept of the music, as the feeling of it just being something enjoyable to take in. When you get a song like that you capture the true beauty of music and Ron Mvtthew and PARK come together to do that and more on the new song “XOXO (Remix)”

Ron Mvtthew and PARK brings the ultimate vibe of music that gets better with every second on the new song “XOXO (Remix)”. The ultra smooth feeling of the record grabs you instantly with a feel good vibe that slows down time for you, and lets you get lost in the music. For the ultra smooth sound you get a slicker vocal performance that has a nice confidence to it, as well as soul to make you feel the music in every way, as the writing comes to life for us all to be fans of this incredible sound.

Ron Mvtthew and PARK “XOXO (Remix)” is that special piece of music that serves as an escape on this record that lets your mind get away while you hear it. Musically it shines in every way with the production, writing, and vocals working in perfect harmony to make is something good, but the feeling o the music is what will keep us all coming back for time to come.

Check out Ron Mvtthew and PARK “XOXO (Remix)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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