Elise Elvira – Director

Elise Elvira – Director

Every artist is ways looking for way to stand out. Sometimes it can feel like such a complex task, as you try to find your special niche that makes you stand apart, and sometimes the answer is to simply just make great music. That music that you can hit play on, and immediately know you’re hearing an artist that is supreme in every way. The latter is what you get from Elise Elvira on her new record “Director”.

Elisa Elvira brings a brilliant creative sound to make music that you will keep wanting to hear for time to come on her new song “Director”. As soon as you hit play you feel every element to the fullest, as you get engulfed in the waves of the innovation in the production sound. The production has the perfect amount of flavor to it, that her vocals maneuver through masterfully to deliver the writing just right, as the gems in the lyrics shine through to pour into the listener in a real way.

Elise Elvira’s “Director” is a musical work of art that gives fresh life to finding new music to explore. Its that music you hit play on and get a refreshing experience that you can feel, with a sound that stands above the rest of the records you consume. If you’re looking for a record that does everything right as well gives great substance to hear this record is ready made for you to enjoy.

Check out Elise Elvira “Director” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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