Concept – Shake Down

Concept – Shake Down

When trying to stand out as an artist it’s important to let you talent shine to the fullest, but it’s also important to make music people can feel. That music with fun content that you can relate to, and say with your chest as the music says everything that you feel. That type of music makes a personal connection with the listener, and one of the many shining elements of Concept’s new song “Shake Down”.

Concept brings a super dope sound you can rock to on his new song “Shake Down”. The production sets the tone with 808 driven sound that make you want to turn up the music as soon as you hear it. Once Concept steps on to the track he let’s his pen shine to the fullest. Understanding the importance of crafting records with replay value, he brings a big time chorus you can see being sun all across the world, and matches that with bravado in the flow that pushes the verses forward just right.

Concept’s “Shake Down” is a record that hits the mark in every way. We are able to enjoy his artistry to the fullest, as well as the feel the music to make a true experience of music. The sound connects to make it engaging and his artistry takes over the listener to get invested in this star on the rise, that shines through for the world to pay witness.

Check out Concept “Shake Down” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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