Rokeaux – Fest

Rokeaux – Fest

As much as music is a thinking thing, it also about a feeling. That music that you hear and you feel something whether it be something deep or even something that makes you just want to move, and enjoy the music. Whatever it can be is up to the listener but if you’re looking that type of music that makes it fun to hear then fun is what you will have when you check out the new visuals to the new song from Rokeaux called “Fest”.

Rokeaux brings an engaging experience of music that keeps you invested in the artistry in a real way on the new song “Fest”. Rokeaux has a star presence to him that’s infectious on this new record and catches you instantly. Displaying incredible charisma that comes through in the music in a real way, with a fun feel to it, as he kicks his swaggy lyrics just right. The production plays the perfect stage for the show he creates for this record genre bending at a high level, and it shines through even more in the visuals that capture the true entertainment aspect of music.

Rokeaux “Fest” is a must hear record, matched with must see visuals to give the listener everything and more. It’s music that you can let play, and enjoy the vibes as he conquers not only showing off his talent but also making music that people want to hear, on this body of work that will keep you coming back for more for time to come.

Check out Rokeaux “Fest” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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