Lucid Kidd – Today and Tomorrow

Lucid Kidd – Today and Tomorrow

Now more than ever you get to hear artists not being contained to just one genre and giving you something you love from multiple ones we love. Hearing elements put together in a perfect blend to put fresh life into music, as well as making something that is able to have a high level of emotion to make it all resonate that much more. That fresh approach is what shines on this new genre bending record from Lucid Kidd called “Today and Tomorrow”.

Lucid Kidd brings a brilliant display of art on his new emotive record “Today and Tomorrow”. The production has the perfect blend of Pop and Hip Hop, with the sound having a nice commercial appeal to it that works, and the same knock as well cadence at Hip Hop to make one major sound worth exploring. For the sound you are able to dive into the heartfelt lyrics that are crafted just as well as any love song before its time, and delivered with he right amount of emotion to make it all complete for the listener to enjoy.

Lucid Kidd’s “Today and Tomorrow” is a record that shines musically, and is felt emotionally to make a timeless body of work. It shine in the audio and even more in the visuals with it all being done at a high level to make sure the people, can explore the art in every way on this must hear tune from a must hear artist.

Check out Lucid Kidd “Today and Tomorrow” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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