Lou Emery – Instinctual

Lou Emery – Instinctual

Music can be a lot of things for different people. So many sounds out there, as well as styles from different artists to fit any mood or preference you have, but even with something as subjective as music there’s no denying a big time record. A record that just screams appeal as the music resonates majorly to show the levels that will always exist for music. With a song like “Instinctual” from Lou Emery you know its a song that was meant for the world to hear.

Lou Emery brings a big time Pop record that wont be denied on her new song “Instinctual”. As soon as you hit play you get engulfed in the energy of the music, with the sound capturing the club feel perfectly to make you want to dance to the music. For this fun sound you get a vocal performance that shines in its appeal as well as presence with her sounding like the star she is on this slick sexy record, that not only impresses in the vocals but the writing, as well to bring the perfect storm of substance, relatability, and catchiness to bring it all to life that much more.

Lou Emery’s “Instinctual” is a stand out body of work that has supreme digestibility to it that you know will help it travel around the world. The audio shines in every way to make it must her musically, but th enjoyment you get while hearing it is what will keep you coming back for more, with the entertainment aspect of music being one of this record’s greatest assets to keep us engaging for every second she gives us.

Check out Lou Emery “Instinctual” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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