Pat Vadala – Loved (Redux)

Pat Vadala – Loved (Redux)

No genre of music is a vibe like R&B music. That music that people have flocked to for ages, to get something real they can feel. The blissful energy of the sounds that work together to make something, that feels good to the point you can get away from your worries. That smooth sound is something that will always be timeless, and Pat Vadala carries on that tradition with his new song “Loved (Redux)”.

Pat Vadala delivers a must hear record you can feel on the new song “Loved (Redux)”. The production brings a smooth sound that is reminiscent of Sade’s work from her “Stronger Than Pride” album that lets you take in the vibes presented. Once you get to enjoy the sound, you are able to enjoy the sweet sultry tone that is masterful in it’s ability, to convey the right amount of emotion to bring the writing to life for us all to enjoy.

Pat Vadala’s “Loved (Redux)” is the perfect record to play if you love music that is rooted in soul. It’s a great body of work that delivers in every way, to make sure it gives the people something they can enjoy for time to come. From the incredible production, that writing that shows the true beauty of love songs, and the amazing vocals it all works in perfect harmony to make a masterpiece.

Check out Pat Vadala “Loved (Redux)” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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