Ollie – Wasted

Ollie – Wasted

Hip Hop is something that has always been a reflection of society. Being able to put a mirror up to us and show us ourselves in a real way. With people becoming more open with their emotions, Hip Hop has as well with us being able to relate to the artists on another level, with an openness that make you connect to the people behind the music as well as beyond it. That type of music is what you get from Ollie on the new song “Wasted”.

Ollie brings an emotive sound with deep writing to connect to the people on the new song “Wasted”. The melancholy guitar strums and knocking 808’s work in perfect harmony to make a stellar sound for us to slow down and take in the writing. With the tone set Ollie breathes fresh life into the music with a vulnerability to the flow that lets you feel the soul in it, as it all connects with the listener to bring the heartfelt writing to life that is daring in articulation to bare himself to the world to give us so much more.

Ollie’s “Wasted” is a powerful display of music that gives the people something timeless and thats real. The honesty that Hip Hop is known for is what shines through on this incredible record, with strength to the pen and the approach to show off his talent, as well as brings fans closer to this growing artist.

Check out Ollie “Wasted” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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