KUR – For My Fam + The Hold Over (bundle)

KUR – For My Fam + The Hold Over (bundle)

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to bring in the weekend with incredible music. Fridays are always exciting for music lovers everywhere with great music coming out from our favorites, and new talent that we will soon be familiar with. For bus we try to put the best on the best on this special day and KUR is truly one of the best around with his new release “For My Fam + The Hold Over” being a shining example of that fact.

KUR brings a record for the dreams that is truly supreme with his new release “For My Fam + The Hold Over”. The care put into the music shines through instantly catching the aspirational feel in the production that stops time for us to slow down and take in the music. As the music flows KUR flows even harder, with so much passion and conviction coming through in his presence to make you feel the desire to be great. To take it over the top he’s lyrically sharper than ever giving gems in the music that shines in the verses and has a mega chorus that is relatable to give us something special in every way.

KUR’s “For My Fam + The Hold Over” is a record that does everything right to make fans of us all. Each aspect of the record is enjoyable in its own right, with every part being done at a high level from the production that sets the ultimate tone, the strong lyricism, and the soulful flow to make it all enjoyable for the masses.

Check out KUR “For My Fam + The Hold Over” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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