614Mike – Eighteen

614Mike – Eighteen

Music is something that always stands out when it sounds good, but its something lasts when it feels good. The music that you hear the magic take shape in real time, to give the listener an experience of music that makes an intimate connection like no other. Those special records have always made fans out out of the people it comes across and this new record from 614Mike called “Eighteen” will definitely make you one.

614Mike brings breezy sound to make us all reminisce on the new song “Eighteen”. The music brings a nice bright sound with beautiful melodies going to work to set the ultimate tone for the people to feel. As the music flows Mike’s vocals bring the love in the writing to life that makes you open up you heart, to not only the record that is brilliant in its sounds but also to life with the message in the writing shining through ever more, to pour into the listener like legendary records before its time.

614Mike’s “Eighteen” is stellar body of work that any one who loves music should make themselves familiar with. It’s a record that showcases the beauty of music at its highest level, to make sure that the listener can get a stand out display of music, that they can feel in their spirit as something special, to keep them coming back for time to come.

Check out 614Mike “Eighteen” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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