Sea Glass x Misty Boyce – Razor Bones

Sea Glass x Misty Boyce – Razor Bones

For music to really grab you it has to have an emotional connection with the listener. That type of music you can play and feel it in a real way whether it is your current emotion or not. Those records are forever timeless because the soul put into the music being able to forever resonate due to the authenticity in the music and you get that and so much more on the new song from Sea Glass and Misty Boyce on the new song “Razor Bones”.

Sea Glass comes together with Misty Boyce for the emotional masterpiece “Razor Bones”. The production sets the perfect tone for what comes to life with a dreamy melancholy approach to the sound, that slows down time for an intimate connection to take place. For this masterful sound you a brilliant vocal performance that lets the writing flow in waves, to wash over the listener to let them feel it all on this record that does it part to give you a true experience of music like no other.

Sea Glass and Misty Boyce “Razor Bones” is a major release that gets better with every listen. It shines in its ability to make something that stands out in its creativity, while also having a digestibility to it that makes it for anyone who listens can take in the music, and enjoy it to the fullest. If you love good music you will have every reason to fall in love with this incredible sound they bring to us all.

Check out Sea Glass and Misty Boyce “Razor Bones” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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