Ocean Flaws – Keep It Cool

Ocean Flaws – Keep It Cool

When hearing new music the goal is to hear something fresh. Something that stands out in its newness as must hear, as you get an experience of music that you can get lost in. That type of music is what will forever make music such a fun thing to dive into and explore, with the excitement of hearing a familiar art in a new way being all so worth it. Thats what you get from Ocean Flaws on their new must hear release “Keep It Cool”.

Ocean Flaws brings a record thats super cool and shines to the fullest on the new song “Keep It Cool”. The innovation in the music shininess instantly with a major synth sound and funky grooves doing wonders to the soul, to make you want to move to the sound brought to life. For this incredible sound you get a vocal performance that is packed with flavor and has a cool to it that is smooth and makes you an instant fan of it all, as the writing comes to life to make this body of work complete for the world to be a fan of.

Ocean Flaws “Keep It Cool” is the ultimate jam that you will want to keep on repeat for time to come. Having an amazing sound that lets you feel on top of the world, as the magic in the music makes you hope the song never ends. Hit play now and enjoy your new favorite song crafted by this must hear collective.

Check out Ocean Flaws “Keep It Cool” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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