Trvpbeez – Big Facts

Trvpbeez – Big Facts

With writing about music, it can feel like the same process as writing a song. Looking for inspiration in the music that helps things flow. With some songs as much as you like it can be tough to come up with words, or so many words comes to mind that its tough to pick just the ones you deem necessary. There are also songs that inspire you so much that you feel more like a vessel and the words just flow through you something divine. With this new release from Trvpbeez it is definitely the latter with his new song “Big Facts”.

Trvpbeez continues to show why he’s one of the most best around on his new song “Big Facts”. He’s known for making engaging music that keeps the people vibing, and he does that and more on this release. The sound captures a more authentic Hip Hop sound and lyrically he steps to the chllanage firing off at will with impressive lyricism that stands in every bar he delivers, with a sharp delivery and commanding presence that makes him impossible to ignore. With every second he gives us he shines with every aspect of the record, doing its work to continue to make believers of us all.

Trvpbeez “Big Facts” is everything his fans love from him and a great entry points for new fans to marvel at his work. He shows no signs of letting up and keeps getting better with time with the growth in his pen shining through majorly to let the world know he will be around for time to come, for the world be fans of this must hear artist.

Check out Trvpbeez “Big Facts” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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