Sinso – Dancing Naked

Sinso – Dancing Naked

Making music is a feat that is tough in itself. Having to gave the know how to use the tools at your disposal to make something great, as well as making music that stands out from what people have already heard. Another element that is even tougher for an artist is transparency. Being daring enough to allow the people to hear your most vulnerable thoughts and emotions in a real way for them to pick apart or relate to. When you get music like that its something that sticks with you due to how real the experience is and thats what Sinso provides on the new song “Dancing Naked”.

Sinso lays it all out there to make a true connection with the listener on the new song “Dancing Naked”. The sound is full of pure emotion in every way with every element working in perfect harmony with the next to make one cohesive work of art. The production sets the ultimate tone with a creative emotive sound that is engaging and flows well with Sinso’s warm tone that you feel the vulnerability in to bring the lyrics to life to us all to dissect and relate to the pain in the music, that brings us closer for every second of audio she provides.

Sinso’s “Dancing Naked” is a daring body of work that shine in its pursuit to give the listener something they can keep coming back to for time to come. The song is well crafted musically with each aspect shining to the fullest, but the feeling of the music is what makes it real for the listener and something truly incredible to be apart of.

Check out Sinso “Dancing Naked” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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