Marie Pratt – She is a Star

Marie Pratt – She is a Star

There’s no denying how tough it is for a song to stand out present day. So many styles from every genre releasing daily to have something that can fit any taste, a record has to truly be remarkable and give you something special. Especially if a record can give you everything from great substance, major appeal in the sound, and a vocal performance that commands your attention, will surely stand out for you to buy into, and Marie Pratt’s latest release “She is a Star” gives you all of that and more.

Marie Pratt brings a powerful display of music that make something timeless on the new song “She is a Star”. The song runs wild in the spirit of great motivational songs before it times, with it showcasing its ability to pour into the listener with positive affirmations in the writing, to keep the listener going when they need it most. For the incredible writing you get a strong vocal performance that is match made in heaven with the electro commercial touch to the sound, to make it all connect in a divine way to keep us invested in the artistry for every second.

Marie Pratt’s “She is a Star” is a song that encompasses the true spirit of music and the connection it will forever be able to have with the listener. It does everything right to make sure it stands out sonically, while also giving the listener something more to hang on to, on this record that shines bright with the gems that are in the music to make fans of us all. If you love good music you will love everything that this song has to offer for the world to enjoy.

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