Klara Zangerl – Thinkerbell

Klara Zangerl – Thinkerbell

With an art as subjective as music its hard to say something is undeniable. Everyone having their own taste and things they look for its tough to say this is a song that everyone will like. As much as that is fact and will forever be there are some songs that just have a quality to it that, make it stand supreme above the rest and Klara Zangerl brings one of this record on the new song “Thinkerbell”.

Klara Zangerl brings a brilliant creative sound that will have you marveling at her work for every second on the new song “Thinkerbell”. The song does a magnificent job of bringing the listener to the artist’s world with a fun sound, that brings you to a place that you hope to never leave. The sound is funky and feels good to hear and Klara’s vocals are masterful in its tone to make you feel the music to that extra level, as the writing comes to life right before our eyes to make it engaging and enjoyable to be apart of.

Klara Zangerl’s “Thinkerbell” is n impressive body work that one listen will never be enough for. The innovation that makes music exciting to be a fan of is on full bloom, on this special piece of audio that shines in its own original sound to keep the culture of music thriving in a real way. If you’re looking for great music to dive into, this is surely a record that will give you all you need and more.

Check out Klara Zangerl “Thinkerbell” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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