Artist Spotlight: LALO

Artist Spotlight: LALO

The point of an artist crafting a project is to showcase their talent in every way and give the listener a full picture of music that takes them on a journey. As much as music present day is all about a nice single, its still important to give the world a full body of work that best represents your artistry, to give the people every reason to be invested in your work beyond everything else thats out there. For LALO he gives you a wide array of sounds that make you feel every emotion with his new project “Blacked Out Red Room”.

A seven track, 16 minute project that has something for everyone to enjoy. The name of the project is engaging alone and what it does musically is everything that you hope to hear when listening to something new. He has original flavor to his approach that is infectious and has admirable bravado in his swaggy records like “Handcuffs” and “TF Is You”‘ that are stands out that are exciting in every way. He also is able to bring raw emotion to the music in a record like “Tear It Apart” that changes pace from the rest of the project, to make some of his most honest work to make you connect to this artist at a higher level.

LALO’s “Blacked Out Red Room” is an amazing body of that shows how amazing it is when you get to hear a socially brilliant approach to the music, that comes together masterfully to make one must hear body of work. The journey the music takes you on keeps you invested just as well as any cinematic work with every emotion one can have being pulled from the music, to make us keep listening for time to come on this project that will have you craving to hear more.

Check out LALO “Blacked Out Red Room” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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