Ka$hdami – Phoenix

Ka$hdami – Phoenix

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and ready to have a great week. To kick off the week we always try to bring the best content out there that we can find, to make sure we set the standard for the music we aim to bring to the site. To kick off this week its a must we bring this hot new release from Ka$hdami called “Phoenix”.

Ka$hdami brings a fresh swaggy sound that is as hot as the title on the new song “Phoenix”. The production packs the ultimate vibe to make it engaging with a slick dreamy sound that makes you chill to the music as the rhyming does its work to the fullest. His presence is felt in a real way and let the words fly at will with the vocal approach being as fluid as water, to ride the waves of the sound to make it enjoyable in every way.

Ka$hdami’s “Phoenix” is a captivating listen that slows down time for the listener to have an experience like no other. It shines in its creativity with a stand out sound that makes you buy into the artistry majorly, while also enjoying the way the music feels to the spirit, to give it unlimited replay value to keep us listening for time to come.

Check out Ka$hdami “Phoenix” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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