Catalina Hernandez – No Te Vayas

Catalina Hernandez – No Te Vayas

In a world that gets faster by the day there is so much power in a sound that stops you in your tracks. Those record that have a presence to them that makes you pay full attention to the artistry, as it grabs you with its many intricacies that you take notice to the music, as well as the substance to it that makes you feel it all to the point it’s real. That type of sound is what you get from Catalina Hernandez on the new song “No Te Vayas”.

Catalina Hernandez brings masterful emotion to the music to make a masterpiece on the new song “No Te Vayas”. The strong Indie Rock approach in the sound sets the ultimate tone with the layers to the music working cohesively to make something socially strong. For the strong sound you get an equally strong vocal performance that packs power to its delivery, while still able to catch the vulnerability and emotion necessary for the lyrics that captures the relatable emotion of missing someone, to make sure its felt just as much as it is heard.

Catalina Hernandez “No Te Vayas” is a powerful display of music that forever encompasses what it to give the listener an experience of music. It shines in the daring emotion it conveys and marvels even more in the lyrics, as she bares her all to make sure that people can enjoy the music, while also getting closer to the person behind it on this must hear body of work.

Check out Catalina Hernandez “No Te Vayas” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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