Steven Curtis – Patience

Steven Curtis – Patience

Being a musician, is to truly be an artist. Being creative with your words and instruments to bring a vision to life, like a painter with a brush on a canvas. That wizardry in the audio that makes the listener follow along for the journey. That type of music is special, as it lets the mind wander to the sound and that shines bright on Steven Curtis new song “Patience”.

Steven Curtis brings a beautiful acoustic sound on this coming of age tale called “Patience”. Steven is a true master with his pen and shines bright in the writing, as he brings relatable substance to this quarter life crisis piece. The vocals are rooted in soul, and you can hear it in a real way as you feel the tone, with every note. This all takes a place over the production the has an emotive touch to that each guitar strum pulls at the heart to make you feel every aspect to the fullest.

Steven Curtis “Patience” is an amazing body of work that shows the artistry that music can compose. The story telling in the music shines on the level, as any novel or cinematic piece with the intricacies of the music shining through. The writing is brilliant, the production is layered to perfect, and vocally its masterful to deliver a classic body of work.

Check out Steven Curtis “Patience” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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