GT_Ofice x Britt Lari – Moving On

GT_Ofice x Britt Lari – Moving On

With certain artists you know when you see their name you’re going to get something incredible. Something that brings a light to your world with their special sound that you love shining through with fresh life, to keep you invested in their artistry as well as this culture of music we all love. With an artist like GT_Ofice you know you will always get a big time release and on his latest with Britt Lari called “Moving On” you get all you could want and more.

GT_Ofice and Britt Lari come together to lets his signature synth sound shine to the fullest on his new song “Moving On”. As soon as you hit play they waste no time bringing you into their world with the major appeal in the Pop/ EDM infused sound, standing out in a major way to let you know this was made for the world to enjoy. For the major sound you get an impressive vocal performance that lets the writing be felt even more, as you are able to be a fan of every aspect of this ultimate jam.

GT_Ofice and Britt Lari “Moving On” is a stand out body of work that gets better with every listen. With something as subjective as music its hard to find something that you know everyone will like, but with a record this special and quality you know it will resonates with the masses, with a truly superb sound that just feels good to hear, to keep us wanting more.

Check out GT_Ofice and Britt Lari below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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