Cliff Savage – OD

Cliff Savage – OD

The summer is fast approaching. With the weather warming up and people ready to step out, we are all looking for those anthems for the season. Those records that are just as hot as the temp that play for the perfect score for the festive times we all plan to have. For a song to stand out during this time it has to be undeniable to shine through everyone with the same objective in mind and Cliff Savage has one of those records on the new song “OD”.

Cliff Savage brings a song that is just in time and on fire with the new song “OD”. The production captures your attention immediately with pulsating 808’s knocking out your speakers, that have a nice drill touch to it to keep you invested in the artistry that takes place. Cliff who is known for bring supreme talent wastes no time time, showing us why he’s a promising talent bringing a hard flow that is on point in its delivery, to bring the lyrics to life that are sharp in the chorus while still packing appeal in the chorus to make it a complete body of work that can travel the world.

Cliff Savage’s “OD” is an exciting release that impresses in the audio and shines through in the visuals to give us every way possible to enjoy the vision. The star presence is on full bloom and is ready for the world to bare witness to the greatness he delivers, with a supreme approach to the music that will make this one to surely stay in your rotation for time to come.

Check out Cliff Savage “OD” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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