The Shining Tone Featuring Bhagyahsri Kulkarni – Tere Liye

The Shining Tone Featuring Bhagyahsri Kulkarni – Tere Liye

Music will forever be exciting to be apart of when you can find the magic in it. Those records that have a divine touch to it to the point, you feel it was all meant to be while the records comes into fruition in every way to make something that is worth listening to. That big time feel to the music doesnt come in every record you hear but with a song like “Tere Liye” from The Shining Tone featuring Bhagyashri Kulkarni.

The Shining Tone collaborates with Bhagyahsri Kulkarni to make audio magic on the new song “Tere Liye”. The song is a record you groove to endlessly with the bright world production that sets an engaging tone, as the vocal performance sounds big time and guides the way on what is an amazing music experience. The approach by The Shining Tone is true magic as they craft together a special sound, that stands out from the plethora of releases, and builds perfectly to keep the listener invested for every second

Everything you need to hear from music today is what is given from The Shining Tone on their new song “Tere Liye” featuring Bhagyahsri Kulkarni. The musicianship displayed is brilliant from the incredible vocal performance, the great songwriting that brings to life a shy Indian love story, and the genius level production that serves up the amazing music that gets better with every listen.

Check out The Shining Tone featuring Bhagyahsri Kulkarni “Tere Liye” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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