Paul Allen – Radio

Paul Allen – Radio

Making engaging music gets tougher by the day. With so many different songs coming out daily, it’s tough to make something that stands out from what people have heard already. To stand out the music has to be truly captivating. A commanding sound that’s impossible to ignore. That’s what you get from Paul Allen for every second on their new song “Radio”.

Paul Allen delivers an instant smash on the new song “Radio ”. The song doesn’t waste a single second to prove it’s value, with a big time Punk sound that’s hard to turn away from, as you get engulfed by the energy of the music. It not only delivers in the production but the vocals are amazing in it’s presence with an infectious charisma to it that makes you have even more fun taking in the writing, that shines to the fullest in the chorus.

Paul Allen’s “Radio” is that exciting Rock sound with a Punk touch that music lovers will enjoy. The power of music is what shines the most about the record, as it shows you what happens when everything is done just right to bring a vision to life for the world to buy into. The production is undeniable, the vocals are commanding, and the writing is amazing to make fans of us all.

Check out Paul Allen “Radio” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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