Night Acclaim – Beat of Our Hearts

Night Acclaim – Beat of Our Hearts

With so many approaches to music, theres really no limit where music can go, or ways it can touch the people. Being an art from that can cover any emotion out there, you can truly come to it for anything including to feel good. Getting a chance to hear a jam that you hear the care in to the point you feel it all in a real way that makes it something you want to keep running back to. Night Acclaim has one of those records you will have to keep coming back to on the new song “Beat of Our Hearts”.

Night Acclaim shows the magic of a love song on his new release “Beat of Our Hearts”. The artist name alone stands out as something engaging and makes you want to hear what it’s all about. Once you hit play you get to bare witness to something great. The ultra smooth sound is layered in grooves and rhythms that work in perfect harmony together, that Night’s vocals glide through effortlessly to make us feel every melody and lyric righteously on this experience of music that stops time for us all to get lost in.

Night Acclaim’s “Beat of Our Hearts” is a smash of a release from a promising artist who puts it all together just right, to make stand out music. It’s a record that you will want to keep on your favorite playlist, or just a record thats a go to on its on, with an infectious feel to the music that one listen will never be enough for, as the master class of music doing wonders to the soul to make you want to keep hearing more.

Check out Night Acclaim “Beat of Our Hearts” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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