Enrose – Beautiful Dust

Enrose – Beautiful Dust

When an artist has that soul to their music theres nothing you can do to shake it. With a thing as subjective as music, its pretty tough to say what is guaranteed to work with the variety being infinite of musical choice. As much as that is so, theres no denying that when the music has soul to it, you cant help but feel the music and Enrose has that music you can feel on thew new song “Beautiful Dust”.

Enrose brings a funky sound that does wonders to the soul on the new song “Beautiful Dust”. The sound is laced in infectious grooves, with the bass line that brings a cool to the music that lets it all flow through. For this funky sound you get a vocal performance full of flavor that shines in its charisma to deliver the writing to the fullest, as you get a smooth sound that lets you vibe endlessly to the magic of the music.

Enrose’s “Beautiful Dust” is a timeless display of music that can work in any climate. You enjoy it instantly because it stands out in sounding good, but the feeling of the music is what keeps you around forever, delivering in every facet of the record to make sure that we can enjoy this ultimate jam for time to come.

Check out Enrose “Beautiful Dust” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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