Elocin Cole – There You Are

Elocin Cole – There You Are

Music is really an experience you can get invested in when you feel the music. Feeling all the sounds and intricacies of the record working in perfect harmony to take the listener on a journey, as you feel like you’re exploring the world the music takes you to, that you’ve never been before but excited to be. That type of major sound is what you get from Elocin Cole on the new song “There You Are”.

Elocin Cole delivers a big time sound that stands supreme on the new song “There You Are”. The creativity in the sound catches you immediately with a dark R&B and Pop approach that has a big time feel, that Elocin rises to the occasion of with a big time vocal performance that shines through. She’s able to bring emotion to the music through her masterful tone that conveys the right amount of power and vulnerability to it, that really lets you feel the depth in the writng that covers the old age adage  “wherever you go, there you are”.

If you’re looking for a for en experience of music that captures the magic of how exciting it can be to hear new music, this is the perfect song for you. You get to hear an artist be bold in their approach to make a commanding record that gets better for every second, bringing major appeal and incredible artistry to the forefront to make you want to keep enjoying the art of the sound for time to come.

Check out Elocin Cole “There You Are” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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