Storeys – Sometimes (Blackpoint Rework) (Remix by Dirty Vegas)

Storeys – Sometimes (Blackpoint Rework) (Remix by Dirty Vegas)

Everyone comes to music for different things but something that makes music something truly stand out is creativity. Those records that are so imaginative in the sound that makes you want to get lost in the music, as the intricacies in the music come together in a divine way to make something special for us all. That experience of music is what makes people keep coming back to the a record, with it being fun to explore the sound displayed and Storeys bring that type of music with the new song “Sometimes (Blackpoint Rework).

Storeys bring a brilliant Deep House sound to life to keep you moving on the new song “Sometimes (Blackpoint Rework). Consisting of Grammy winning electronic group Dirty Vegas and Anthony ‘Saffs’ Saffery from Cornershop, they all come together to bring incredible innovation to the forefront. Getting to feel the infinite grooves the music provides, and the journey the music takes you as it starts off with a feel of uncertainty and builds to the ultimate climax of optimism, to pour into the listener to give them a full experience of music like no other.

Storey’s “Sometimes (Blackpoint Rework)” is a fresh electro sound that shines in its approach to take chances in the music to make something truly supreme. The music is layered to perfection to bring a sonically stand out sound, with a fresh approach to 90’s nostalgia to have something for music lovers everywhere to have something to connect to. If you love good music you should hit play now and enjoy the magic of the sound in this must hear jam.

Check out Storeys “Sometimes (Blackpoint Rework)” and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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