Lil Zib – ON MY OWN

Lil Zib – ON MY OWN

Music connects like no other when the artist puts their life in the music. That authentic music that keeps it real and goes beyond just making music that people thinks sounds good, but that more people come to music for to get through life. Being real in the music is what makes it most relatable and that’s what shines bright on Lil Zib’s new song “ON MY OWN”.

Lil Zib brings a Lo-fi emotive sound to life to make you feel the music on his new song “ON MY OWN”. The production sets the ultimate tone with a mellow sound knocking out your speaker, that are met with melancholy piano keys to feel the emotion in the sound right right away. With the tone set Zib brings his melodic flow that is rooted in the soul, to take it to that next level as he brings to life the struggles of a break up to make the music more relatable than ever.

Lil Zib’s “ON MY OWNl” is that high class music that makes an intimate connection with the listener. The more you listen to it the more you feel it and love it with pure emotion to the sound, that will have you vibing to the music at a religious level. If you’re looking for good music to get into, as well as an artist you can get invested in then check out this must hear sound of Lil Zib!

Check out Lil Zib “ON MY OWN” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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