Juliana Madrid – Peppermint

Juliana Madrid – Peppermint

Music can be consumed in different ways by us all, but when a song just grabs you its truly an experience. When a record just has a sound that stops time for you and brings you into the artist’s world, as you take in the brilliance in the music majorly. Those type of records make you an instant fan and this new record from Juliana Madrid called “Peppermint” is one of those record, that will grab you like no other.

Juliana Madrid makes an emotional masterpiece that one listen will do enough justice on the new song “Peppermint”. The indie rock sound that is layered to perfection sets the ultimate tone that builds perfectly to make you follow the music, on this exciting listen. With the music flowing you get to really capture the artistry of Juliana, delivering the heartfelt writing with so much power and emotion in the verses, and takes off in the chorus to make this record truly supreme in every way.

Juliana Madrid’s “Peppermint” is a special record that defies the subjectivity of music with a must hear sound, that all make a believer and fan out of anyone who presses play. Everything is masterclass and does its part to the fullest to make one socially pleasing sound, as you get wrapped up in the magic of the sound, the daring articulation in the lyrics, and the vocal performance that brings it home to make it a timeless release for us all.

Check out Juliana Madrid “Peppermint” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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