Glassio – Breakaway

Music has long been something that people can dream to. That feel to the music that takes you away from your normal life, to a place thats everywhere you want to be, as you’re able for the moment in time of experiencing the music to dream a while. When hearing music can be an escape, it becomes something that you can run to when you need it most to make it last the times for you, and Glassio’s “Breakaway” is one of those special type of records.

Glassio brings a brilliant indie Pop sound to life that feels good for every second on the new song “Breakaway”. The title is very fitting with a sound that makes you feeling like you are breaking away from the troubles of life, as you’re exploring the music. With a dreamy touch to the sound doing wonders to the mind and soul, you’re able to dive into the writing that is perfect ode for self realization, and take in the vocals that are stellar in their tone to give it each word the right amount of life, to make it felt it at a supreme level.

Glassio’s “Breakaway” is a stand out record that shines in its ability to give the listener not only a fun experience of music, but an intimate one as well to make you connect with the artistry just right. The musicianship shines to the fullest as you are able to hear the talent in every aspect, as well as give the listener something that feels good to hear to make sure its a record you cant go without.

Check out Glassio “Breakaway” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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